Thursday, January 10, 2019

All You Need To Know About The Role Of Cricket Pitch Rollers In The Making Of Pitches

The pitch roller is the most significant thing along with few others that help to prepare the cricket pitch as it should be. In fact, without the use of pitch roller, nobody can even imagine of making an international or national level cricket pitches. It is the use of cricket pitch rollers that determines the behavior of the pitches as the day progresses in a test match. In this blog, I will tell you how the use of pitch roller affect the preparation of the cricket pitch and what are the precaution a curator needs to take while using it during the making of pitches for the cricket matches.

The right timing of using the pitch roller is crucial

It is very important that the timing of utilizing the roller should be accurate. It is one of the important as well as difficult decisions for the new curators though. Nevertheless, an experienced and expert curator are skillful enough to choose the correct time and optimize the effect of the roller in the preparation of the cricket pitches. The pitch at the time of the rolling should be firm enough to get a roller on it and to enable compaction but not too hard as little or no compaction will happen.

Roller on a wet pitch can damage it entirely

As I mentioned that the timing of the roller is quite crucial and it is to decide by the curator that what is the right time to have a roller on the pitch and how heavy it should be initially and later on. However, one thing is obvious that there should be an ideal condition for the use of the roller. If the roller is used on the wet pitch, there will be a thick possibility that it may create a profound indentation on the pitch and the moisture can also come up and the surface is blackened a bit. Apart from this, it can also damage the pitch because the soil may stick on the roller if it is rolled on the wet pitch.

The weight of the cricket pitch roller

The weight of the pitch roller has a massive impact on the cricket pitch. It influences the pitch when it is carried out as a first roll on the pitch. For a juicy and moisture wicket, a light hand-held roller is utilized instead of the heavy roller. This action can be done late in the evening in case, the pitch is too moist to use a heavy roller. However, if the condition is preferable, it is recommended to use a heavy cricket pitch rollers.

In order to find out whether the pitch is ready to commence rolling on it, a curator can push his thumb into the pitch and make a make a slight indentation. If this is the current and prevailing situation of the pitch, then it means it is ready for rolling. This condition transpires in a day or two after deep watering. 

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